In this video I talk about the importance of motivating and inspiring each other. We have to stop putting each other down because that is only creating a negative enviroment. We all need to bring the best out of each other by uplifting each other with positive vibes, positive advice and motivation. If we all uplift each other, then so many more of us will reach our goals and dreams in life! Click Here To Join my Inspirational Club!




So many of us struggle with the disease of "Worrying". We worry about everything from our career to our health to our love life. Worrying is a disease that infects your mind. It stops you from enjoying your life. That is why I did this video. I found an amazing book that has helped millions of people conquer worrying. The name of the book is "Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie. It is a great guide to help you overcome your worrying issues. It's time to Stop Worrying and Start Living! Click Here To purchase the book on amazon.com




Once you stop fighting battles within yourself, you can accomplish any goal you set. In this video I talk about how so many of us have dreams and goals we set for ourself but we allow self doubt to stop us from achieving those goals. I want you to go after your dreams. I want you to believe in yourself and go get what you want in life. Don't doubt yourself. You are amazing! Go out and show the world how amazing you are!

Please do this for me! Do this right now! I want you to make a promise to yourself to never let fear or self doubt stop you from achieving your goals! Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and never give up hope!




Hey everyone! In this video I ask the question... Are you a drama queen? So many of us ladies turn the smallest things into huge problems! We allow little problems to ruin our day. If you fall victim to that then you might be a drama queen. But have no worries because I discovered a book named "Don't Call Me a Drama Queen!: A Guide for the Overly Sensitive and Their Significant Others Who Need to Learn How to Lighten Up and Go with the Flow by Dr. Debra Mandel. This book helped me get rid of my drama queen ways and I'm sure it will do the same for you.

The cool thing about this book is that it also helps men who are in a relationship with a drama queen. It will truly help you and your partner deal with the drama queen disease. Click Here To purchase the book online from Amazon!

Sudan Deane Inspirational Club is a group of positive thinkers who believe that it is time we all motivate, uplift and inspire each other to be the best people we can be. Let's stop bullying, let's stop breaking people down and let's come together as one in efforts to be the support we all need. Together we can make this world a better place. Together we can uplift and inspire each other to help make our dreams come true. If you believe in what you just read than join Sudan Deane's Inspirational Club and Let's Get Inspired Together!
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